Incus Company Limited Founders Professor Richard So and Calvin Zhang at HKUST School of Engineering

Innovating for Better Hearing

Prof. Richard So (Associate Dean of Engineering at HKUST) and his student Calvin Zhang invented a noise reduction technique allowing hearing aid users to hear clearly, even in noisy environments.

After patenting the ground-breaking technology and seeing lack of innovation in the industry, they founded Incus to make hearing aids as convenient to obtain as eyeglasses for the greatly underserved hearing loss population.

About Us
Incus Kite 2 hearing aid frontal view

How Incus Hearing Aids Help with Hearing Loss

All Incus hearing aids can be customized to fit your hearing condition, giving you a boost at the frequencies where you have a mild to moderately severe hearing loss, and avoiding to over-amplify the frequencies where your hearing is sensitive.

Together with the HKUST patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology, our hearing assistance devices let you hear sounds more naturally and clearly, giving you the confidence to stay connected with the world.

Hear Clearly

Hearing Health As Easy As 1-2-3

The traditional way of getting hearing devices is slow and expensive. A pair of decent traditional hearing aids cost US$2,500 or more, and setting them up takes multiple visits to offline stores.

With Incus hearing devices, there is a better way:

  • Learn and Order Online

    View product details and extensive hearing health information on our website. Orders are processed by secure payment systems.

  • Order Shipped Directly to You

    Receive free shipping on orders in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China.

  • Set Up from the Comfort of Your Home

    Incus hearing devices are easy to set up.

    Use the accompanying smartphone app to complete a hearing test and get started with personalised sounds.

    Learn more about the app 

Hearing Aids Redefined

Incus hearing devices are not typical hearing aids.

We have packaged the power of traditional hearing aids in the form of Bluetooth earphones.

The result: User-friendly, discreet devices that let you hear more clearly.

  • Drawing of Kite 2 hearing device

    Kite 2

    Kite 2 is a smart personal sound amplifier. It provides top-of-the-line hearing assistance capabilities and works as a pair of Bluetooth earphones. Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology and a stylish neckband design allow you to hear comfortably and feel comfortable.

  • Drawing of traditional hearing aid

    Traditional Hearing Aids

    The name says it all: they’re traditional. Despite an offputting appearance and an eyebrow-raising price tag, they remain the go-to choice for treating the most severe cases of hearing loss.

  • Drawing of amplifier


    They amplify all sounds, including your own voice and background noise, which may overwhelm the voices you want to hear. Their low price comes with a high cost to you as a user: because you cannot personalize them, using them puts you at risk of further noise-induced hearing damage.

Incus Kite 2 hearing aid frontal view

It Gets Better

Incus hearing devices get better over time through over-the-air (OTA) updates. Use the Yinbei App to download and install the latest features and improvements.

We are excited to share our latest technology advances. That is why OTA updates are free-of-charge.

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