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Kite 2 Hybrid Eartips (3 pairs)

Kite 2 Hybrid Eartips (3 pairs)

Smart Personal Sound Amplifier

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The Kite 2 Hybrid Eartips are ear-conforming and skin-friendly eartips for superior wearing comfort and a secure fit. These eartips have our most comfy design to date. They let air pressure escape via a proprietary venting mechanism to avoid a stuffed feeling while lowering ambient noise, preventing acoustic feedback and yielding rich sound across the range.


  1. The price includes three pairs and free shipping
  2. Due to hygiene reasons, eartips are not eligible for returns/refunds

Are these eartips identical to the ones shipped with Kite 2?

These eartips are different from those shipped with Kite 2 until 1 November 2022.

How are these eartips different from those shipped with Kite 2 before 1 November 2022?

Before 1 November 2022, we provided two types of eartips with Kite 2: vented and closed-fit eartips. The Kite 2 Hybrid Eartips combine the wearing comfort of the previous vented eartips with the sound quality and acoustic feedback prevention capabilities of the former closed-fit eartips.

Which size of eartips are suitable for me?

The Kite 2 Hybrid Eartips follow the same size system as the vented and closed-fit eartips that were shipped with Kite 2 until 1 November 2022. If you are unsure which eartip size you are currently using, you could check inside the storage bag to compare the sizes. You could also select the All 3 sizes option. Please note that Kite 2 Hybrid Eartips are not eligible for refunds/returns due to hygiene reasons.

How can I replace the eartips?

Here is how to remove the eartips currently installed:

how to remove Kite 2 eartips

And this is how you install new eartips: 

how to install Kite 2 eartips

How often should I replace the eartips?

The eartips are designed to be durable, but will eventually be damaged from wear and tear. This could be after several months - or years - of usage, depending on how they are handled.

How can I clean the eartips?

The eartips can be cleaned using alcohol wipes.

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