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Kite 2

Kite 2

Smart Personal Sound Amplifier

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Kite 2 provides premium hearing aid capabilities with the user-friendliness of Bluetooth earphones.

Kite 2 is the next-generation smart personal sound amplifier with smartphone connectivity. Premium audio processing algorithms running on a high-performance 28-nanometer chip with unnoticeable delay let you hear what you want to hear. Personalized Sound and patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology enable a comfortable listening experience - even in noisy environments.

Key Features

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Comfortable listening experience – even in noisy environments.

Two Directional Modes

Be in control of what you hear.

Easy and Fast Set-Up

Set up within 5 minutes using the Yinbei smartphone app. Compatible with both iOS and Android.

Personalized Sound

Sounds are tailored to your unique hearing profile.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Stream wirelessly from your smartphone to Kite 2.

15 Hours Battery Life, Rechargeable

What's In The Box

  • Kite 2 Smart Personal Sound Amplifier
  • Storage pouch
  • 3 pairs of ear tips (hybrid eartips S/M/L size)
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide (Simplified Chinese)
  • User Manual (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)

Technical Specifications

Processing Channels
Directionality Yes, with dual microphone technology
Directional Modes 2 (Focus Mode, Environment Mode)
Bluetooth Audio Streaming Yes
Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC) Yes
Hearing Enhancement Yes, with Tailored Sound technology
Microphones 6: Dual microphone arrays (2x2); bone-conduction (2)
Driver Dynamic
Feedback Management Yes
Battery Built-in rechargeable
Noise Reduction Background noise reduction with patented Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology
Smartphone App Yes, iOS and Android
App Compatibility Android version 7.1 or greater, iOS 12.1 or greater
Volume Control Yes
Self-setup & Personalisation Yes, via app
Voice Prompts Spoken prompts available in Mandarin
LED Status Indicators Yes
Battery Discharge Time 15 hours
Own Voice Cancellation Yes (automatic, toggleable)



Recharging cable Included
Recharging interface USB Type-C
Battery discharge time 15 hours
Recharge time 2 hours
Battery type and capacity 240mAh Lithium-ion


Fitting & Programming 

Yinbei app
Hearing test and adjust via app
Fitting formula
Incus' proprietary fitting formula
Hearing test assessment frequencies
0.5k, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k Hz
Hearing test assessment range 20-100 dB HL
Hearing test accuracy Based on Incus Hearing Test technology. Incus Hearing Test was a Class II medical device listed with the US FDA
Ear tips included 3 pairs
Ear tip types Hybrid

Shipping Details

  • Free shipping
  • Orders are shipped out by SF Express within one working day and typically arrive within 2-3 days
  • We ship to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and Mainland China

Full shipping policy

7-Day Risk-Free Trial

Kite 2 comes with a 7-day risk-free trial when you purchase directly from Incus. If the product is not suitable for you, you can request a full refund within 7 days after you receive the product. 

Full refund policy

Where Can I Try Kite 2? (For HK Customers Only)

Most customers purchase online through our official website to enjoy the 7-day risk-free trial. With the 7-day risk-free trial, you can:

  • Buy Kite 2 online
  • Receive it within 2-3 working days
  • Try it for 7 days

In-store trial with appointment:

a. HOHOLIFE (Tsuen Wan) (Please make an appointment directly with HohoLife)

Phone No: 37099320

WhatsApp: +852 60625332

HOHOLIFE charges a HK$100 trial fee, which is waived when you purchase from them.

b. Incus Hong Kong Office (Science Park) (English/Mandarin/Basic Cantonese, no trial fee)

Make appointment

WhatsApp +852 36130538

View full details
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    1-year warranty

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    Founded in Hong Kong in 2016

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    7-day risk-free trial

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    Free shipping

  • Mrs Wang wearing Kite 2 in a restaurant

    My daughter deliberately lowered her voice talking to me while having tea, and I was able to hear clearly. I was surprised and moved.

    Mrs. Wang

  • Ying Jun wearing Kite 2 during sports competition

    All kinds of daily communication and interactions have become much easier. I even wore it to participate in a sports competition in Kunming

    Ying Jun

  • Mrs Dai grandma wearing Kite 2

    After Kite 2 came out, I gave it to my grandma for trial. From being reluctant to try at first, she admitted it is really good after a month of use.

    Mrs. Dai

  • Ren Qing wearing Kite 2 during studies

    I can hear my roommate talking from the balcony and my boyfriend on the phone.

    Ren Qing

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  • Easy Setup In App

    Available on both iOS & Android, in English & Chinese. Step-by-step tutorial provided.

  • Complete Hearing Test

    Test 6 frequencies per ear to obtain your unique hearing profile. A personalized hearing algorithm is created from the result.

  • Hear Clearly

    Sounds are personalized to your unique hearing profile. Kite 2 remembers your settings, so it is optional to use the app after initial setup.

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Woman wearing Kite 2 smart personal sound amplifier

How Incus Hearing Aids Help with Hearing Loss

All Incus hearing aids can be customized to fit your hearing condition, giving you a boost at the frequencies where you have a mild to moderately severe hearing loss, and avoiding to over-amplify the frequencies where your hearing is sensitive.

Discover Your Unique Sound
Exploded view of the earpiece of Incus Kite 2 hearing aid

Premier Sound Quality

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology enhances human speech and reduces background noise.

Dual-microphone arrays work in tandem with bone-conduction microphones to locate the sounds you want to hear and provide elite feedback cancellation.

Screenshot of the hearing test result page in the Yinbei app

Fast and Easy Setup via Smartphone App

Set up Kite 2 with the Yinbei app.

Use the app to fine-tune settings and access advanced features after setup.

Your hearing settings will automatically be stored in Kite 2, so using Kite 2 with the Yinbei app is optional after initial setup.

Available for iOS and Android.

About Yinbei
Yinbei directional mode icons

Focus On What Matters

Focus Mode is ideal for conversations, while Environment Mode allows you to keep situational awareness.

Incus Kite 2 hearing aid frontal view

It Gets Better

Kite 2 gets better over time through over-the-air (OTA) updates. Use the Yinbei App to download and install the latest features and improvements.

We are excited to share our latest technology advances. That is why OTA updates are free-of-charge.

Man drying off sweat after wearing IP-54 water and dustproof Incus hearing device while exercising

The Confidence to Connect

Engineered to help you stay connected with the world. The durable, versatile neckband design gives you the flexibility to engage in with life worry-free.

Kite 2 is IP54-rated for water and dust protection.

Start Connecting
3D model of hybrid eartips for Kite 2

Designed for Comfort

Ergonomically designed ear-conforming and skin-friendly eartips for superior wearing comfort and a secure fit.

They let air pressure escape via a proprietary venting mechanism to avoid a stuffed feeling while lowering ambient noise, preventing acoustic feedback and yielding rich sound across the range.

Comes with three sizes, letting you find your fit.

Best of Both Worlds 

Camouflaged as a regular Bluetooth earphone, Kite 2 combines the power of cutting-edge hearing aid technologies with the user-friendliness of neckband headphones. 

Kite 2 was designed for an active lifestyle with a sturdy and resilient outer shell protecting the internal wiring and hanging safely around your neck when not in use. 

The larger yet ergonomic design and control buttons with tactile indicators make it easy for anyone to operate.

  • Drawing of Kite 2 hearing device

    Kite 2

    Kite 2 is a smart personal sound amplifier. It provides top-of-the-line hearing assistance capabilities and works as a pair of Bluetooth earphones. Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology and a stylish neckband design allow you to hear clearly and comfortably.

  • Drawing of traditional hearing aid

    Traditional Hearing Aids

    The name says it all: they’re traditional. Despite an offputting appearance and an eyebrow-raising price tag, they remain the go-to choice for treating the most special or severe cases of hearing loss.

  • Drawing of amplifier


    They amplify all sounds, including your own voice and background noise, which may overwhelm the voices you want to hear. Their low price comes with a high cost to you as a user: because you cannot personalize them, they put you in risk of noise-induced hearing damage.

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How Do They Differ?

Kite 2 Traditional Hearing Aid Amplifier
Price (2 ears) HK$ 2,399 HK$ 20,000-70,000 HK$ 300-3,000+
Hearing loss treated Mild - severe Moderate - profound cross-mark
Noise reduction Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction Struggle in background noise cross-mark
Discreet & stylish design check-mark cross-mark cross-mark
Available over-the-counter check-mark cross-mark check-mark
Self-fitting check-mark cross-mark cross-mark
Bluetooth streaming check-mark cross-mark-and-check-mark
(costs extra)

Is Kite 2 Suitable For Me?

Which of the three descriptions below best match your hearing ability when not wearing a hearing aid? If you are helping a friend or loved one, consider your face-to-face chats with them:

  • Some difficulty in hearing daily conversation within one metre; Missing words in noisy environments:

    High chance of success.

    Buy Online 
  • Great difficulty in hearing daily conversation within one metre; Often need the speaker to speak louder and repeat themselves.

    Try Risk-Free for 7 Days 
  • Extreme difficulty in hearing
    daily conversation within one metre; Speaker has to lean in and speak loudly into the ear:

    Not suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Kite 2?

1. Complete a hearing test in the Yinbei app and send the result to Kite 2

✅ Step-by-step tutorial provided

2. Find your preferred settings

✅ Switch listening mode (Environment/Focus) in the Yinbei app

✅ Adjust the volume control buttons (+/-) to find your preferred volume

After setup, it is optional to use the app.

Do I need to use Kite 2 with the Yinbei app all the time?


After setting up Kite 2, the hearing settings will automatically be stored in Kite 2, so using Kite 2 with the Yinbei app is optional after initial setup.

The main functions of the Yinbei app are to adjust the hearing functions to fit your hearing needs and download over-the-air (OTA) updates.

How often should I repeat the hearing test in the Yinbei app?

We recommend you repeat the hearing test every three months or when you notice a significant change in hearing.

Does Kite 2 come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a one-year warranty. You may view the full Warranty Policy here.

Where can I go for after-sales service?

You may contact us by email ( or WhatsApp (+852 3613 0538) for after-sales service. We will try to help you resolve the matter remotely, if possible. Otherwise, we are also happy to assist you at our Hong Kong Science Park office with a prior appointment.