Community Engagement

Incus promoting hearing health at the Sai Kung District Community Centre Jockey Club Integrated Services Centre

We are committed to bringing the benefits of the latest audio processing technologies to the local communities. We have formed bonds with an ever-growing number of organizations and hard-of-hearing individuals in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China. So far, we have had exchanges with 20+ organizations and 500+ individuals.

Incus learning about how hard-of-hearing cope with their hearing loss

We pay absolute attention and patience to the needs of hard-of-hearing individuals and examine the difficulties they might encounter in their daily lives.

Incus raises awareness about hearing health

Equipped with professional knowledge, we raise awareness about hearing health and how people could protect their hearing. Through interactions with the hard-of-hearing, we learn about how they cope with hearing loss.

The gratitude we receive in return has always been our greatest motivator for continuous technological innovation. We are looking forward to bringing a comfortable listening experience to more people soon. 

We appreciate the detailed feedback, which helps us continuously improve our technology and products. We will further strengthen the collaborative relationship with the community and use sound and technology to keep people connected.