Hearing Loss Calculator

Enter hearing thresholds in the cells below and select “Calculate” to see which hearing loss category the hearing profile fits in. 

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About the Hearing Loss Calculator

This tool follows the hearing loss grading system created by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It was revised in 2021 and published in the World Report on Hearing on the World Hearing Day 2021

Our hearing changes over time. We suggest using hearing thresholds from a hearing test completed no longer than three months before today.

If you have an audiogram but are unclear about which values to enter into the hearing loss calculator, you could refer to our detailed audiogram guide

Tip: If you are looking for how to calculate hearing loss percentage, you might want to see the common misconceptions about hearing loss and how to calculate hearing loss as a percentage.

Hearing Health Reminder

Hearing loss can sometimes be treatable or indicate other underlying health problems. That is why you should always seek medical attention if you suspect you have hearing loss


We respect your privacy. Values you input are kept in your web browser’s memory, and the calculations take place on your device. Neither the thresholds nor the overall results are sent to us or to any third party. 

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