Hearing-impairment makes staying in touch with the world more challenging.

Hard-of-hearing woman
Hearing-impaired receiving hearing care

We have talked to over 500 hard-of-hearing individuals about how they cope with hearing-impairment and about their experiences with hearing aids.

The most common complaint we hear:

Existing hearing aids are noisy.

Our Mission

To use sound and technology
to keep people connected.

Next-Generation Hearing Technologies

Through continuous research and development, we are pushing the boundaries of hearing technologies. We have filed 15+ patents protecting our intellectual property.

Dynamic compensation technology based on brain science

Personalized, comfortable and clear audio, powered by brain-inspired neural network models

brain science and neural network

Speech separation and enhancement algorithms

Speech is separated from multiple sound sources, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms make speech clearer and easier to understand

Intelligent Noise Reduction technology

Scenery adaptation technology

Scans the sounds in the environment to automatically provide an optimized and comfortable listening experience.

Scenery adaptation technology

Far-field pickup technology

Enabling Industry 4.0 applications with up to 15 meters pickup distance

Far-field pickup technology

Incus Hearing Test technology

Validated and verified smartphone audiometry application for hearing screening. Designed, developed and tested following an ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System for Medical Devices certified by BSI.

Incus is ISO 13485 certified by BSI