Compare Kite 2 with Other Hearing Devices

  • Drawing of Kite 2 hearing device

    Kite 2

    Kite 2 is a smart personal sound amplifier. It provides top-of-the-line hearing assistance capabilities and works as a pair of Bluetooth earphones. Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology and a stylish neckband design allow you to hear comfortably and feel comfortable.

  • Drawing of traditional hearing aid

    Traditional Hearing Aids

    The name says it all: they’re traditional. Despite an offputting appearance and an eyebrow-raising price tag, they remain the go-to choice for treating the most severe cases of hearing loss.

  • Drawing of amplifier


    They amplify all sounds, including your own voice and background noise, which may overwhelm the voices you want to hear. Their low price comes with a high cost to you as a user: because you cannot personalize them, using them puts you at risk of further noise-induced hearing damage.

How Do They Differ?

Kite 2 Traditional hearing aid Amplifier
Hearing loss treated Mild - moderately severe Moderate - profound None
Noise reduction Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology automatically reduces background noise and enhances human speech Comes with noise reduction features, but tend to struggle in environments with a lot of background noise No
Hearing test and sound personalization Hearing test and personalization in the comfort of your home via smartphone app Requires multiple onsite visits for device setup and adjustments No, amplifier does not offer personalization
Time required to prepare the personalized device Setup within 3 minutes Weeks - months No personalization
Bluetooth audio streaming Yes Premium charged for models with Bluetooth No
Battery type Rechargeable Single-use Single-use
Updates Free over-the-air updates None None
Appearance Stylish and user-friendly neckband design Stereotypical medical look Square and boxy
Price HK$ 2,399 HK$ 2,000-70,000 HK$ 300-1000+

Note: Prices of traditional hearing aids and personal amplifiers are based on NineLife and DoctorExpert. The prices listed above are self-pay prices, and do not account for insurance or subsidies.