Compare Kite 2 with Other Hearing Devices

  • Drawing of Kite 2 hearing device

    Kite 2

    Kite 2 is a smart personal sound amplifier. It provides top-of-the-line hearing assistance capabilities and works as a pair of Bluetooth earphones. Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology and a stylish neckband design allow you to hear clearly and comfortably.

  • Drawing of traditional hearing aid

    Traditional Hearing Aids

    The name says it all: they’re traditional. Despite an offputting appearance and an eyebrow-raising price tag, they remain the go-to choice for treating the most special or severe cases of hearing loss.

  • Drawing of amplifier


    They amplify all sounds, including your own voice and background noise, which may overwhelm the voices you want to hear. Their low price comes with a high cost to you as a user: because you cannot personalize them, they put you in risk of noise-induced hearing damage.

How Do They Differ?

Kite 2 Traditional Hearing Aid Amplifier
Hearing loss treated Mild - severe Moderate - profound cross-mark
Noise reduction Patented Intelligent Noise Reduction Struggle in background noise cross-mark
Available over-the-counter check-mark cross-mark check-mark
Self-fitting check-mark cross-mark cross-mark
Bluetooth streaming check-mark cross-mark-and-check-mark cross-mark
Rechargeable battery check-mark cross-mark-and-check-mark cross-mark
Frequent free updates check-mark cross-mark cross-mark
Discreet & stylish design check-mark cross-mark cross-mark
Price HK$ 2,399 HK$ 10,000-70,000 HK$ 300-3,000+

Note: Prices of traditional hearing aids and personal amplifiers are based on NineLife and DoctorExpert. The prices listed above are self-pay prices, and do not account for insurance or subsidies.