Guide: How to Install Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates for Kite

What are Over-the-Air (OTA) updates?

Over-the-Air (OTA) updates are firmware updates for your Kite smart personal sound amplifier. Similar to how your smartphone adds new features and gets rid of bugs over time through new operating system updates, Kite also gets better with each update.


We are excited to share out latest technology advances. That is why OTA updates are free of charge.


Bluetooth Earphone Mode and Own Voice Cancellation are examples of popular features which were made available through Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.


When should I install OTA updates?

To get the most out of your Kite smart personal sound amplifier, we recommend that you install OTA updates once they become available. You will be notified within the Yinbei app when a new OTA update is released.


How do I install OTA updates?


You will need the following to install OTA updates:

  • Kite smart personal sound amplifier with at least 30% battery remaining;
  • The smartphone to which your Kite device is paired;
  • An internet connection; and
  • 5-10 minutes (you will not be able to use the phone for other purposes during the update).

Installation Steps

Step 1: Establish a Bluetooth connection between Kite and Yinbei.

Step 2: Check if there is a prompt stating there is a new update available. 

Step 3: Download and install the update by selecting “Update” and following the instructions within Yinbei.


During the update…

  • … keep Kite and the smartphone within close proximity to each other;
  • … do not power off Kite;
  • … do not exit the Yinbei app and do not navigate away from the update page within Yinbei;
  • … do not power off your phone;
  • … do not disable the Bluetooth setting on your phone; and
  • … do not disable the internet connection.



Q: I did not receive a prompt for installing the firmware update?

Reason 1: The most recent firmware version is already installed on Kite.

Solution 1: No action needed – stay tuned for future updates!


Reason 2: No internet connection.

Solution 2: Ensure that your phone has an active internet connection and restart Yinbei.


Q: The update was unsuccessful or interrupted?

Restart Kite and Yinbei to resume or retry the update.