Guide: How to Hear Your TV More Clearly Using Kite

Stream Personalised Sound via Bluetooth

Do others complain that you keep the television at a too high volume? Do you struggle to follow the dialogue in your favourite shows? Or do you simply want to be able to hear the TV wherever you are in your home?

The Kite smart personal sound amplifier’s Personalised Sound and Bluetooth Earphone Mode make this possible.

How It Works

  1. Using the Bluetooth wireless transmission protocol, the television sends the sound signal to Kite
  2. Kite receives the audio signal and carries out digital signal processing to personalise the sounds based on your unique hearing profile
  3. Kite plays the processed personalised sound through the earphones

What You Will Need

How to Start Streaming from Your Television to Kite

Step 1: Power on your Kite smart personal sound amplifier

Long press the power button for 3 seconds until you hear the starting tone play and a green LED light is activated.

Step 2: Establish a Bluetooth connection between Kite and Yinbei

Ensure that your phone’s Bluetooth setting is enabled and open the Yinbei app.

Step 3: Establish a Bluetooth connection between Kite and your television

Within your television’s settings, establish a Bluetooth connection between it and Kite.

The exact steps vary depending on which television you are using.

We used a TCL TV, and the steps were as follows:

Home → Settings → Remotes & Accessories → Add accessory

This started a search for accessories, and the television was able to find Kite:

Select Kite from nearby devices

After pressing the “OK” button, we were prompted to confirm the pairing request:

Confirm Bluetooth pairing request from tv to Kite

After the successful pairing, Kite appeared with the status “Connected” in Remotes & Accessories:

Kite smart personal sound amplifier connected to TV

Step 4: Enable Bluetooth Earphone Mode within Yinbei’s settings

Within Yinbei on your smartphone, enable Bluetooth Earphone Mode.

Yinbei Bluetooth Earphone Mode Active

Ensure that Customized Sound is active.

Yinbei Personalised Sound Active

You are now ready to start streaming personalised audio from your television!


Q: What should I do if I got a “pairing failed” message?

Make sure Kite is connected to Yinbei before you attempt to establish a Bluetooth connection between Kite and the television.

If the issue persists, repeat steps 1-3.

Contact us if the issue still persists.

Q: How can I stop streaming to Kite?

Method 1: Power off Kite by holding the power button. Once Kite is powered off, the television will return to playing sounds through its built-in speakers.

Method 2: Disable the Bluetooth Earphone Mode within the Yinbei app.

Q: How do I adjust volume while streaming?

Method 1: Adjust the volume by using the volume control buttons on Kite.

Method 2: Adjust the volume by using the television’s remote control.