Incus won two awards at the 10th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Luohu District

Incus receiving award

The 10th China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Luohu District Competition and the 2nd Luohu District Great Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition were hosted by the Luohu District Government. The winners were chosen based on three criteria: Technology innovation, business model innovation and investment value. This impactful event gathered innovative enterprises and entrepreneurial teams from emerging industries.


Award trophy from innovation competition

Our Personal Sound Amplification Product and source separation solution won the second place in the Health Industry Finals and the third place in the Enterprise Category.

Award trophy from entrepreneurship competition

About Incus

Incus has redefined hearing devices by combining the power of traditional hearing aids with the convenience and accessibility of consumer electronics products.

Through continuous hearing technology innovation, Incus empowers people to stay connected with family, friends and the world.

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