Incus Launches Kite In Macao

Kite is now available in Macao!


Kite smart sound amplifier


Kite is a smart personal sound amplifier with Intelligent Noise Reduction technology. It empowers people to Stay Connected Through Conversations.

Kite runs sophisticated audio processing algorithms with unnoticeable delay on a powerful proprietary chip. The smart personal sound amplifier offers a comfortable listening experience – even in noisy environments – powered by patented Intelligent Noise Reduction technology.

With a neckband design, Kite looks like a regular Bluetooth® earphone. The device comes in two colour combinations: Black & gold and white & silver.

Kite’s features include:
Intelligent Noise Reduction
Comfortable listening experience – even in noisy environments
Three Directional Modes
Be in control of what you hear
Easy and Fast Set-Up
Set up within 5 minutes
Tailored Sound
Sounds are customized for your unique hearing profile

12 Hours Battery Life, Rechargeable


Kite was launched in Macao on Sunday 20 September 2020.  
Upon launch, Kite is initially available at eight sites across Macau where visitors can learn about hearing health and experience Kite. The venues are operated by trained personnel who abide by hygiene and infection control protocols.


A group of people attending the Kite product launch event in Macao.


Incus extends gratitude to its local partner in Macao AS king, the Sino-Luso Industry and Culture Exchange Promotion Association (Macao) which sponsored the event, and the following supporting organizations (in no particular order):

Macau Deaf Association;
Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre;
Macao Brand Innovation Association;
Macau Marketing Institute;
Macau Holy House of Mercy;
Macau United Citizens Association;
Macau Yin Kui Hospital;
New Loyal Group;
Farmacia Farma-Plus;
Special Olympics Macau;
Centro De Resurcos para Equipamentos Auxiliares de Macau;
Associacao dos Familiares Encarregados dos Deficientes Mentais de Macau;
Associação dos Aposentados, Reformados e Pensionistas de Macau.

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