A Handwritten Letter

Mr Zhou wearing Kite 2

One night in November 2022, Incus Kite 2 Smart Personal Sound Amplifier appeared on Guangdong TV's "Start-up Shodown.” Its solid technology and convenient user experience were recognized, and Incus was one of ten winners in the 2022 season of the show. While receiving approval from the program was a great achievement, we received an unexpected bonus: a handwritten letter from a viewer named Mr Zhou.

During the program, live guests experienced the irritating whistling problem commonly found in hearing aids. However, the Incus Kite 2 Smart Personal Sound Amplifier with no whistling and strong noise reduction capabilities stood out. 

Mr Zhou was impressed and quickly wrote down the TV station's contact information to get in touch with Incus. After the program, he wrote a heartfelt letter describing the past ten years of inconvenience caused by his hearing loss and how he had tried multiple hearing aids without success.

The handwritten letter Mr Zhou wrote to the TV channel

The letter Mr Zhou wrote

The TV station forwarded Mr Zhou's letter to us, and we followed up promptly. We first confirmed Mr Zhou's hearing health situation and assisted him in getting a hearing test done at a nearby hospital. The company then adjusted the Kite 2 hearing device accordingly and shipped it to him. Although Mr Zhou is far away in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China, our customer service team provided remote service.

Mr Zhou hearing test report from hospital

Mr Zhou's hearing test report

After a month of using Kite 2, Mr Zhou gave it a glowing review. He found them so convenient that he wore them around his neck even when not in use, and the excellent hearing assistance effect made communication much easier for him. He even recommended the product to his friends.

We are grateful for Mr Zhou's trust in our product and thank the team behind "Start-up Showdown" for introducing Kite 2 to more viewers.

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