Rouge hearing device and necklace
Close-up of Rouge medallion
Calvin Zhang receives an award on behalf of Incus at Pitch@Palace China

The Finals of Pitch@Palace Global 4.0 took place in London on 11 December 2019 and featured 18 national winners from nine countries.

In front of an esteemed audience, Incus Company Limited’s founders, Calvin Zhang and Professor Richard So, unveiled Rouge: A fully functioning hearing assistance device camouflaged as a delicate piece of jewellery. 

Rouge was 3D-printed in titanium to be robust but lightweight, and the electronic components were hidden inside the necklace.

It represents the beauty of the exchange between the Chinese and British cultures with a design comprising elements from both, and it is a manifestation of the intersection between Art and Technology.

The decorative patterns on the medallion come from the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.