Tencent Cloud Global V+ Challenge: Incus Wins the Use Case Innovation Award

The finals of the 2022 edition of the Tencent Cloud Global V+ Challenge took place on 11 March 2022. The event, organised by Tencent Cloud, invited entrepreneurs globally to introduce their applications of audio and video cloud technologies. We are proud to share that Incus was declared the Winner of the Use Case Innovation Award. Companies from Israel, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia also won prizes in this competition.

Cloud technology is an important building brick for us here at Incus to deliver more innovative and accessible hearing solutions, and we are grateful for the recognition we received from the global panel of expert judges.

Enabled by the Cloud, Incus Hearing Devices Keep Improving

Incus hearing devices, like the Kite 2 Smart Personal Sound Amplifier, get better over time.

Similar to how smartphones and computers receive software updates over time, Incus hearing devices also get upgrades. 

We call them over-the-air (OTA) updates.

OTA updates are delivered remotely through the internet, and our customers can install them on their Incus hearing devices by connecting their devices to the Yinbei smartphone app.

Our team continues to develop innovative hearing technologies rapidly. Whether it is performance optimizations or new features, we want our customers to join us on this journey. That is why OTA updates are free of charge.

All Incus hearing devices use digital signal processing (DSP) and run on 28-nanometer chips instead of the traditional analogue platforms. This allows us to provide more sophisticated features and makes it possible to update and reprogram them remotely.

Remote Programming Is the Key to Making Personalised Hearing Solutions More Accessible

Existing hearing solutions are not accessible to consumers, meaning hundreds of millions of hard-of-hearing individuals worldwide have untreated hearing loss. In China, for example, an estimated 72 million Chinese suffer from hearing loss but are served by fewer than 2,000 audiologists. Combined with unaffordable prices (traditional hearing aids typically cost around CNY 20,000 (USD 3100) per pair for mid-tier devices), lack of insurance coverage and an inefficient fitting process, the result is that less than 5% of those who could benefit from hearing devices wear them in China.

At Incus, we want to address these problems in the traditional hearing device market. Therefore, we have developed an innovative remote programming solution and direct-to-customer distribution model with remote customer support.

Incus hearing devices are available online through our website and e-commerce platforms and shipped directly to the customer.

The setup process is easy and remote: The Incus hearing device is connected to the accompanying smartphone app Yinbei to conduct a hearing test. Afterwards, sounds from the Incus hearing device are personalised based on the unique hearing profile of the wearer to provide an improved listening experience. 

Screenshot of the Yinbei app, available on iOS and Android

Customers who want additional support during their hearing health journey can contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team via text, messaging apps, email or phone calls.

This remote setup and customer support solution can help the majority of cases. Some more complex cases require help from an audiologist or ENT doctor.

Thanks to this distribution and service model, we cut out the middleman, avoid mark-ups by retailers, and do not have to cover the operating expenses of brick-and-mortar stores.

We pass the savings on to our customers: We provide hearing solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing devices - check the price of the newest Incus hearing device here.

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