Kite was Featured on Gree’s Livestream

Kite was featured in a livestream organized by Gree Electric Appliances Inc., where Dong Mingzhu (Chairwoman and President of Gree Electric) introduced and experienced selected products. 


Kite being introduced on Gree Electric’s livestream.


The theme of the live broadcast was focused on experiences and products available in Macao.

Following the launch of Kite in Macao last month, Kite was featured in the live show as an example of how science and technology are applied to benefit the public in Macao.
Kite smart personal sound amplifier with flexible neckband.
Powered by Incus’ patented Intelligent Noise Reduction Technology, Kite provides a personalized, clear and comfortable listening experience, and enables the wearer to have conversations with others more easily – even in noisy environments.
The initial set-up is quick and easy with the accompanying smartphone app Yinbei. Yinbei is used to complete a test to obtain the wearer’s unique hearing profile. All sounds from Kite are personalized based on the profile. 
The event was streamed across multiple platforms simultaneously: Facebook, YouTube, Kuaishou, Tiktok, T-Mall, Jingdong and Gree Electric’s own livestreaming and e-commerce platform with more than 100,000 concurrent viewers during the majority of the 4 hours of its duration. 
Incus extends gratitude to Gree Electric Appliances Inc. for featuring Kite and for raising awareness about hearing health and to its audience.


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