Incus unveiled special edition model “Rouge” at Pitch@Palace Global 4.0 Finals in London

The Finals of Pitch@Palace Global 4.0 took place in London on 11 December and featured 18 national winners from nine countries. Incus’ co-founders, Calvin Zhang and Professor Richard So had exactly three minutes to pitch. They took the opportunity to reveal Rouge, which is a special edition model that is simultaneously a piece of jewellery and a personal sound amplification product (PSAP). They demonstrated how the advanced audio technologies it features can benefit to the hard-of-hearing by providing a more comfortable listening experience compared to traditional hearing aids and PSAPs, especially in noisy environments.

Rouge unveiled on stage

Through pioneering designs and technology innovation, Incus strives to encourage more widespread adoption of hearing aids and personal sound amplification products & to battle the stigma surround hearing-impairment.

Rouge jewellery hearing device

Rouge is an example of this, as it is a fully functional PSAP featuring Incus Intelligent Noise Reduction and Tailored Sound technologies with the electronic components hidden within the necklace. One sample of Rouge was gifted to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. Rouge is available in limited quantities only.

Incus was invited to participate in the 4th Pitch@Palace Global Finals in London after placing among the top three teams in the Chinese national finals.


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