Incus Receives HK$ 984K Grant to Trial Innovative Hearing Aids

Engineer working on hearing aid prototype

Incus has been granted HK$ 984,035 to carry out a Public Sector Trial Scheme project in Hong Kong.
During the project, which is titled “Trial: Incus Smart Hearing Aid Prototypes and Samples,” we will carry out trials with our new and innovative hearing aid products with an NGO partner in Hong Kong.

The project is a great opportunity to collect feedback from end-users, their caregivers and the public sector in general. The trials also provide the right set of circumstances to test the efficacy of new features that later will be included in products available to the general public. The ultimate goals of the trials are to test the viability of widespread adoption of the products in the local public sector and to commercialize some of the outcomes of our audio technology research.

The project will last for one year, and the partnering NGO will get to keep all the prototypes and samples free of charge for continued use.
The Public Sector Trial Scheme is an Innovation and Technology Fund funding scheme managed by the Innovation and Technology Commission of Hong Kong.

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